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Farm, Land & Investment Properties of Virginia

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Nate's Trick Dog, NNK, Irvington VA

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New technology for NNK Marketing and NNK Advertising

What you are seeing is the transformational “quantum leap” in plain sight – think Horse -> Automobile. These little squares of code bridge the gap from passive observer to active and immediate access. Consumers want immediate access to what’s relevant and QR codes are being used to make that possible. When you scan or read a QR code with your iPhone, Android or other camera-enabled Smartphone, you can link to digital content on the web; activate a number of phone functions including email, IM and SMS; and connect the mobile device to a web browser. The ability of QR codes to connect people with each other and to multimedia digital content is very useful for businesses and consumers alike. Before, a magazine reader seeing a print ad would typically not have an immediate means of taking action click the link below to read more on www.northernneck.com



New print/digital technologies, Social Media and QR Codes and Digital QR Coupons



The Northern Neck's and Kilmarnock Va

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